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    Town Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

    2019 Minutes (PDF files)

    Nov 12th TB agenda
    Oct 22 PH & TB agenda
    Oct 8th PH & TB agendaOct 8th PH & TB Minutes
    Oct 8th Budget Session
    Sept 24th PH & TB agendaSept 24th PH & TB Minutes
    Board of Fire 2019 Budget Public Hearing
    Sept 24th Budget Session
    Sep 10th TB agendaSet 10th TB Minutes
    August 13th PH & TB agendaAug 13th PH & TB Minutes
    July 9th TB agendaJuly 9th Minutes
    June 27th PH & TB AgendaJune 27th Minutes
    June 11th TB AgendaJune 11th Minutes
    June 4th TB AgendaJune 4th Minutes
    May 28th TB AgendaMay 28th Minutes
    May 14 PH & TB AgendaMay 14th Minutes
    Legal Notice of Estoppel Bond Resolution
    Apr 23rd TB AgendaApr 23rd Minutes
    Apr 9th TB AgendaApr 9th Minutes
    Mar 26th TB AgendaMar 26th Minutes
    Mar 12th TB AgendaMar 12th Minutes
    Feb 26th TB AgendaFeb 26th Minutes
    Feb 12 PH & TB AgendaFeb12 PH & TB Minutes
    Jan 22nd TB AgendaJan 22nd Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners 2019 meeting notice
    Jan 8th TB AgendaJan 8th Minutes
    Jan 2nd Org AgendaJan 2nd Org Minutes
    !!Town Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes
    2018 Minutes (PDF files)
    Dec 27th TB AgendaDec 27th TB Minutes
    Dec 11th PH & TB AgendaDec 11th PH & TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commissioners 2019 Org Mtg
    Nov 27th TB AgendaNov27th TB Minutes
    Nov 13th TB AgendaNov 13th TB Minutes
    Oct 23rd PH & TB AgendaOct 23rd PH & TB Minutes
    Oct 9th TB agendaOct 9th TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commissioners Public Hearing 2019 Budget
    Sep 25th TB agendaSep 25th TB Minutes
    Sep 4th TB agendaSep 4th TB Minutes
    Aug 14th TB agendaAug 14th TB Minutes
    Jul 10th PH & TB agendaJul 10th PH & TB Minutes
    June 18th spTB agendaJune 18th sp TB Minutes
    June 12th TB agendaJune 12th TB Minutes
    2018 Highway Bond Resolution
    May 22nd TB agendaMay22nd TB Minutes
    May 8th TB agendaMay 8th TB Minutes
    April 24th TB PH&TB agendaApril 24th TB & PH Minutes
    Apr 10th TB agendaApr 10th TB Minutes
    Mar 27th TB agendaMar 27th TB Minutes
    Mar 29th Town of Allegany Reval Assesment Meeting
    Mar 13th TB agendaMar 13th TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Notice to Bidders
    Feb 27th TB agendaFeb 27th TB Minutes
    Feb 13th TB agendaFeb 13th TB Minutes
    Jan 23rd TB agendaJan 23rd TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Org Mtg
    Jan 9th TB mtg cancelled
    Board of Fire Commisioners 2018 org mtg
    Jan 2nd Org AgendaJan 2nd Org Minutes
    2017 Minutes (PDF files)
    Dec 28th TB agendaDec 28th TB Minutes
    Dec 12th TB agendaDec 12th TB Minutes
    Dec 7th PH agendaDec 7th PH minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Annual Election
    Board of Fire Commisioners Notification of Special Yr. End MeetingDec 15th
    Nov 21st PH&TB agendaNov21st PH&TB Minutes
    Nov 7th PH&TB agendaNov 7th PH& TB Minutes
    Oct 24th TB agendaOct 24th TB Minutes
    Oct 10th TB agendaOct 10th TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Public Hearing 2018 Budget
    Sept 26th TB agendaSept 26th TB Minutes
    Sept 12th PH&TB agendaSept12th PH&TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Mtg Reschedule
    Aug 8th TB agendaAug 8th TB Minutes
    July 25th TB sp mtg agendaJuly 25th TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Notice to Bidders
    Board of Fire Commisioners Notice to Bidders
    July 25th TB Special meeting
    Jul 11th TB agendaJul 11th TB Minutes
    Summer Town Board Meeting Schedule
    Board of Fire Commisioners Notice of Election
    Jun 13th TB agendaJun 13th TB Minutes
    May 23rd TB agendaMay 23rd TB Minutes
    Board of Fire Commisioners Notice of Spec Election
    May 17th TB sp mtg agendaMay 17th TB sp mtg Minutes
    Legal Notice of Estoppel
    May 9th TB agendaMay 9th TB Minutes
    Apr 11th TB agendaApr 11th TB Minutes
    Mar 28thTB agendaMar 28th TB Minutes
    Mar 14th TB agendaMar 14th TB Minutes
    Feb 28th TB agendaFeb 28th TB Minutes
    Feb 22nd sp mtg agendaFeb 22 Sp Mtg Minutes
    Feb 21st Town & Village annexation AgendaSpecial Meeting Minutes
    Feb 14th TB agendaFeb 14th TB Minutes
    Jan 31st (sp mtg) TB agendajan 31st Sp Mtg Minutes
    Jan 24th TB agendajan 24th TB Minutes
    Jan 10th TB agendaJan 10th TB Minutes
    Jan 03TB Org AgendaJan 03TB Org Minutes
    2016 Minutes (PDF files)
    Dec 27th agendaDec 27th TB Minutes
    Dec 13th agenda Dec 13th TB minutes
    Nov 22nd agenda
    Nov 8th agenda Nov 8th minutes(pdf)
    Oct 25th agenda Oct 25th minutes(pdf)
    Oct 11th agenda Oct 11th minutes(pdf)
    Sept 27th agenda Sept 27th minutes(pdf)
    Sept 13th agenda Sept. 13th minutes(pdf)
    Aug 9th agenda Aug 9th minutes(pdf)
    July 12th agenda July 12th minutes(pdf)
    June 21st minutes(pdf)
    June 14th agenda June 14th minutes(pdf)
    May 24th agenda May 24th minutes (pdf)
    May 10th agenda May 10th minutes (pdf)
    Apr 26th agenda Apr 26th minutes (pdf)
    Apr 12th agenda Apr 12th minutes (pdf)
    Mar 22nd agenda Mar 22nd minutes (pdf)
    Mar 8th agenda Mar 8th minutes (pdf)
    Feb 23th agenda Feb 23th minutes (pdf)
    Feb 9th agenda Feb 9th minutes (pdf)
    Jan 26th agenda Jan 26th minutes (pdf)
    Jan 12th agenda Jan 12th minutes (pdf)
    Jan 4th orgminutes.pdf)
    2015 Minutes (PDF files)
    Dec 29th eoyminutes.pdf(pdf)
    Dec 8th agenda Dec 8th minutes(pdf)
    Nov 24th agenda Nov 24th minutes(pdf)
    Nov 10th agenda Nov 10th minutes(pdf)
    Oct 27th agenda Oct 27th minutes (pdf)
    Oct 13th agenda Oct 13th minutes(pdf)
    Sept 22nd agenda Sept 22nd minutes(pdf)
    Sept 8th agenda Sept 8th minutes(pdf)
    Aug 11th agenda Aug 11th minutes(pdf)
    July 14th agenda July 14th minutes(pdf)
    June 9th agenda June 9th minutes(pdf)
    May 26th agenda May 26th minutes(pdf)
    May 12th agenda May 12th minutes(pdf)
    Apr 28th agenda Apr 28th minutes(pdf)
    Apr 14th minutes(pdf)
    Apr 14th agenda Apr 7th minutes (pdf)
    Mar 10th agenda Mar 10th minutes (pdf)
    Feb 24th agenda Feb 24th minutes (pdf)
    Feb 10th agenda Feb 10th minutes(pdf)
    Jan 27th agenda Jan 27th minutes(pdf)
    Jan 13th minutes (pdf)
    Jan 2nd minutes org (pdf)
    2014 Minutes (PDF files)
    Dec 30th minutes (pdf)
    Dec 16th minutes (pdf)
    Dec 9th minutes (pdf)
    Nov 18th agenda Nov 18th minutes (pdf)
    Oct 28th agenda Oct 28th minutes (pdf)
    Oct 14th agenda Oct 14th minutes (pdf)
    Sept 23rd agenda Sept 23rd minutes (pdf)
    Sept 9th agenda Sept. 9th minutes(pdf)
    Aug 12th agenda Aug 12th minutes(pdf)
    July 15th agenda July 15 minutes(pdf)
    June 24th agenda June 24th minutes (pdf)
    June 10th agenda June 10th minutes (pdf)
    May 27th agenda May 27th minutes (pdf)
    May 13th agenda May 13th minutes (pdf)
    Apr 29th agenda Apr 29th minutes (pdf)
    Apr 8th agenda Apr 8th minutes (pdf)
    Mar 25th agenda Mar 25th minutes (pdf)
    Mar 11th agenda Mar 11th minutes (pdf)
    Feb 25th agenda Feb 25th minutes (pdf)
    Feb 11th agenda Feb 11th minutes (pdf)
    Jan 28th Agenda Jan 28th Minutes (pdf)
    Jan 2nd Org. Agenda Jan 2nd Org. Minutes
    2013 Town Board Minutes (PDF files)Dec 31st Dec 10th Nov 26th Nov 12th Oct 29th Oct 22nd Oct 9th Sept. 24th
    Sept 5th Aug 13th July 16th June 11th May 28th May 14th May 3rd Apr 23rd
    Apr 9th Apr 8th Mar 26th Mar 12th Feb 26th Feb 12th Jan 22nd Jan 8th Agenda2013 Agendas (PDF files)Dec 31st agenda Nov 26th agenda Nov 12th agenda Oct 29th agenda Oct 22nd agenda
    Oct 9th agenda Sept 24 agenda Sept 5th agenda Aug 13th agenda July 16th agenda
    June 11th agenda May 28th Agenda May 14th Agenda May 3rd Agenda April 23rd Agenda
    April 9th Agenda April 8th Agenda March 26th Agenda March 12th Agenda Feb 26th Agenda
    Feb 12th Agenda Jan 22nd Agenda Jan 8th Agenda2012 Town Board Minutes (PDF files)Dec 28th eoy Dec 28th eoy Dec 11th Nov 15th sp mt Nov 13th Nov 7th spmt Oct 23rd
    Oct 15th Oct 10th Sept 25th Sept 17th Sept 11th Aug 21st Aug 21st July 17th June 19th
    May 15th Apr 17thMar 27th Mar 23rd Mar 13th Feb 28thFeb 9th Feb 14th Jan 24th Jan 20thJan 10th Jan 2nd2011 Town Board Minutes (PDF files)Dec 29th Dec 8th Nov 18th Nov 10th Oct 27th Oct 13th Sept 22nd Sept 8th Aug 29th
    Aug 11th July 14th June 9th June 8th May 26th May 12th Apr 28thphswr Apr 14th
    Mar 24th Mar 22nd spmtg Mar 10th Feb 24th Feb 10th Jan 27th Jan 18th ph noise/wecs
    Jan 13th Jan 4th org mtgArchives of Town Board Minutes from Previous Years2018 Minutes (PDF files)
    July 8th Planning Board Agenda
    June 10th Planning Board Public Hearing/Meeting AgendaJune 10th Public Hearing/Meeting Minutes
    May 13th Planning Board Meeting AgendaMay 13th Planning Board Minutes
    April 17th Planning Board Special Meeting AgendaApril 17th Special Planning Board Meeting Minutes
    April 8th Planning Board Meeting AgendaApril 8th Planning Board Minutes
    March Planning Board meeting has been cancelled.
    February 11th Planning Board Minutes
    January 14th Planning Board Public Hearing AgendaJanuary 14th Planning Board minutes
    December 4th Planning Board Public Meeting Agenda?December 4th Planning Board minutes
    November 19 Plan Bd Mtg AgendaNovember 19th Planning Board minutes
    October 15th Planning Board Meeting has been cancelled
    September 24 Special Meeting AgendaSeptember 24th Planning Board minutes
    September 10 Public Hearing AgendaSeptember 10th Planning Board minutes
    August 13 Plan Bd Mtg Minutes
    May 14 Plan Bd Mtg AgendaMay 14 Plan Bd Mtg Minutes
    May 07 Special Plan Bd Mtg AgendaMay 07 Special Plan Bd Mtg Minutes
    February 12 Planning Board Meeting AgendaFebruary 12 Planning Board Meeting Minutes
    2017 Agenda and Minutes (PDF files)
    July 17 "Special" PB AgendaJuly Meeting Letter to DECJuly 17 PB Minutes
    May 08 PB AgendaMay 08 PB Minutes
    April 10 Planning Board Meeting AgendaApril 10 PB Minutes
    March 13 Planning Board Meeting AgendaMarch 13 PB Minutes
    Planning Board Mtg. AgendaPlanning Board Mtg. Minutes
    December 12, 2016 PB Meeting is cancelled
    November 14, 2016 PB Agenda November 14, 2016 PB Minutes
    2016 Planning Board Minutes with agendas (PDF files)December 12th - no meeting November 14th meeting October 3rd - no meeting September 12th August 8th - no meeting July 11th June 13th May 9th April 11th March 14th - no meeting February 8th January 11th2015 Planning Board Minutes with agendas (PDF files)December 14th November 9th October 5th September 15th August 17th August 10th July 13th June 8th May 11th April 13th March 16th February 9th January 12th2014 Planning Board Minutes with agendas (PDF files)December 8th November 10th October 6th September 8th August 11th July 14th June 30th June 16th May 12th April 23rd April 7th March 10th February 10th January 13th2013 Planning Board Minutes with agendas (PDF files)December 9th November 4th October 7th September 9th August 12th July 8th June 10th May 13th April 8th March 11th March 4th Feb 11th January 14th2012 Planning Board Minutes (PDF files)December 10th December 5th November 28th November 7th November 5th
    October 24th October 15th September 10th August 13th July 9th
    June 11th May 14th April 9th March 12th February 13th January 9th2011 Planning Board Minutes (PDF files)December 12th September 12th August 22nd August 8th July 11th June 29th June 13th June 8th May 9th April 27th April 11th March 21st February 14th January 10th<A NAME="Zoning"> </A>!!Town Zoning Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes2017 Agenda and Minutes (PDF files)
    Zoning Board of Appeals AgendasZoning Board of Appeals Mtg. Minutes
    Nov. 6, 2017 ZBA Public Hearing Notice
    Nov. 6, 2017 ZBA AgendaNov.6,2017 ZBA Minutes
    Sept. 7, 2017 ZBA Minutes
    2016 Agenda and Minutes (PDF files)
    Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas Zoning Board of Appeals Mtg. Minutes
    Sept. 6, 2016 ZBA Agenda September 6, 2016 ZBA minutes
    Aug. 15, 2016 ZBA Agenda August 15, 2016 ZBA Minutes
    July 11, 2016 ZBA Agenda July 11, 2016 ZBA Minutes
    January 4, 2016 ZBA Agenda January 4, 2016 ZBA Minutes
    2015 Agenda and Minutes (PDF files)
    Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas Zoning Board of Appeals Mtg. Minutes
    August 3, 2015 ZBA Agenda August 3, 2015 ZBA Minutes
    July 6, 2015 ZBA Agenda July 6, 2015 ZBA Minutes
    June 1, 2015 ZBA Agenda June 1, 2015 ZBA Minutes
    May 4, 2015 ZBA Agenda May 4, 2015 ZBA Minutes
    March 30, 2015 ZBA Minutes
    March 2, 2015 ZBA Minutes
    2013 Zoning Board Minutes (PDF files)October 7th August 5th2012 Zoning Board Minutes (PDF files)June 4th April 2nd April 2nd March 5thReturn to Town BoardThese forms are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be downloaded by clicking on the following image:<A HREF="" target="blank"><IMG BORDER="0" HEIGHT="31" WIDTH="88" SRC="/upload/images/adobeacrobat.gif" ALT="Get Acrobat Reader"></A>