Sewer Lift Station #1Sewer Lift Station #2

Sewer Department Mission Statement:

The Village of Allegany Sewer Department is is committed to insure that the collection, treatment, storage and transmission of sewer is done in a professional manner intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community. Our goal is to meet or exceed all federal, state and local requirements in providing the most efficient sewage disposal system in a cost effective manner that preserves the public's investment in the Sewer System.

Sewer Department Operations

The Department of Public Works Superintendent oversees the operations at the Sewer Department and is assisted by the Working Supervisor. Employees from the Department of Public Works service and maintain the sanitary sewer system. Sanitary sewage is collected in two lift stations and sent to the City of Olean for treatment. Lift Station Number One is located on West Union Street. Sewage collected at this lift station is treated and then pumped to Lift Station Number Two which is located on Tastee Freeze Road. Lift Station Number Two collects sanitary sewer from the village, the town sewer districts and St Bonaventure University. The sanitary sewage is once again treated and then pumped from lift station number two to the City of Olean Sewage Treatment Plant for treatment.

The maintenance of both lift stations consists of routine cleaning, service of pumps and controls and treating the sewage with enzymes for grease and odor. Both lift stations are maintained and checked daily.

The sanitary sewer system in the village is routinely maintained and is flushed throughout the year, with certain areas being flushed once a month and all the system being flushed twice a year.

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Sewer Facilities

Sewer Lift Station #1

Lift Station Number One is an approximately 30 foot deep wet well with three 20 horse power pumps. All village sanitary sewage is collected at this lift station.

Sewer Lift Station #2

Lift Station Number Two is an approximately 45 foot deep wet well with three 25 horse power pumps. All village sewage, town district sewage and St Bonaventure University sewage is collected at this lift station.

Major projects planned for the 2016-2017 Budget year:

  • Continue Repairs on Sewer Manholes in need of same in various areas in village
  • Clean out roots and other debri from sewer main lines in various areas in village
  • Repair Sewer Manhole on east end of system where sewer forced main sends sewer to gravity fed sewer main
  • Install a new flow meter at sewer Lift Station #2 and monitor with SCADA System
  • Continue to add and implement alarms and set up programs to collect data from the newly installed SCADA/Alarm System.

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