Meeting Times

The Zoning Board of Appeals only meets when it receives an appeal application and schedules a hearing.


The Zoning Board of Appeals has the responsibility to conduct hearings on issues appealed to it. These matters may be appeals from decisions of the Code Enforcement Officer, and questions involving interpretation of the Zoning Law.

Article XI, Section 11 of the Village of Allegany Zoning Law of July 2003 (pdf) describes the organization, powers, duties, and responsibilities of the ZBA.

When the ZBA holds a hearing, it usually involves a request for an area or use variance. Village of Allegany Local Law and New York State Law are specific as to what a Zoning Board of Appeals can and cannot do, and what procedures must be followed. The only appeal beyond a ZBA is an Article Seventy-Eight Proceeding that is filed with the State Supreme Court.

Contact to the Zoning Board of Appeals can be made through the Village Clerks Office.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a five member board, appointed by the Mayor, for five year terms, with the approval of the Village Trustees. The Mayor also appoints the Chairman of the ZBA with the Village Trustees approval. The Vice Chairman is selected by vote of the ZBA Members.

Zoning Board Members

Bill Wiedman
Darick Shaffer Jenny OBrien
Board MemberBoard Member

Cheryl Papasergi Jeff Baxter
Board MemberBoard Member

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Village of Allegany Zoning Laws (pdf)

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Article XI, Section 11 of the Village of Allegany Zoning Law is in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be downloaded by clicking on the following image:

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