Voting in Allegany

Local Elections

Town Elections

Town elections were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM when Allegany voters elected a candidate to a one-year term position for Town Supervisor to finish the current Town Supervisor two-year term that was left vacant by the passing of Town Supervisor John Hare and will expire in December of 2019.

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Click Below for Sample Ballots for the November 2018 Elections

Allegany Voting Districts Sample Ballot

Allegany NY Voting Location Map

County Republican Contacts:

Republican Commissioner - Michael Brisky 716-938-2405
Election Clerk - Cortney Spittler 716-938-2401 e-mail:
Election Clerk - Kelle Brisky 716-938-2400

County Democrat Contacts:

Democratic Commissioner - Kevin C. Burleson 716-938-2404
Deputy Commissioner - Laura Howard 716-938-2403
Election Clerk - Mandy Bushnell 716-938-2402
Elections Office at 938-9111 Ext. 2400-2403

Note: A larger District Map will be displayed at the Polling Places on Election Day