Everpower Allegany Wind Farm

Allegany Wind LLC (Allegany Wind or the Project Sponsor), a subsidiary of EverPower Renewables, is proposing to develop a wind-powered generating facility in the Town of Allegany. The Project will consist of approximately 29 wind turbines, each with a maximum or nameplate capacity of 2.5 megawatts (MW), resulting in total generating capacity of approximately 72.5 MW. In addition to the wind turbines, the Project involves construction of associated components including two permanent meteorological towers, a system of gravel access roads, electrical collection, an operation and maintenance building (O&M building), and a collection station. The turbines and associated facilities are located on parallel ridges on either side of Chipmonk Road in the Town of Allegany (the O&M building is located immediately adjacent to Chipmonk Road). To deliver power to the New York State power grid, Allegany Wind proposes to construct a buried 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line, and an interconnection facility located adjacent to the existing Homer Hill – Dugan Road 115 kV transmission line operated by National Grid. The interconnection facility and a small portion of the 115 kV line are located in the Town of Olean.

The website link below is intended as a resource for general information about the wind farm and will provide up-to-date information about the progress of environmental studies, permit applications, and technical assessments as the project moves forward.

Everpower Allegany Wind Farm Information Website

For more information on the project click on the links below

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